ARC Readers Wanted

ARC Readers Wanted for The Devil's Grave by Rena Aliston
I am looking for ARC readers for the first book in my crime and horror short story collection. The first book, The Devil’s Grave, will be released on the 19th of April. If interested, please fill out The Devil’s Grave ARC Application.

Book Blurb

My eyes marveled at the sight of decaying flesh, rotting souls. We lingered in a cold world. Shadows stalked us as we traveled across the Devil’s grave.

Deception walks among us, clinging to our shadows as we fight to survive life, overcome death, relieve pain, and escape envy’s grasp. If you trod upon the earth long enough, you’ll feel death’s angel hovering over your carcass, pleading for you to let her in. Will you?

The Devil’s Grave, the first book in The Devil’s Reign Series, is a collection of short crime and horror stories. The collection includes 74 stories (drabble, flash fiction, short stories) spilled across time’s map, asking you one important question.

How far would you go to get what you want?
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