Kihoe hu:k mekureme:ĉhen
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Rena Aliston is the pen name of Native American author Anna M. Asbury, an enrolled member of the Saponi-Catawba Nation of the Ohio Valley. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, she currently resides in Kentucky.

She is the author of The Devil’s Grave: A Collection of Short Crime & Horror Stories, Woven Tales: Selected Poems, and Shadows and Mirrors: A Dark Poetry Collection.

Previously writing under the name Ofira Sephiroth, Rena is the author of four poetry books – Unspeakable Truths, Volume 1: Damnation Begins; Unspeakable Truths, Volume 2: Baptism By Blood; Versified Darkness and Versified Delusions.

In addition to being a writer, Rena is a small business-owner (Wayuką́) and the founder of Owl-Raven Books.

When not being creative, she enjoys archery, spending time with her family, being a dog-mom to her Boxweiler Angrboda, and watching crime and horror movies. Rena’s new poetry collection The Red Hour: The Hourglass Collection, Book 1 will be released September 20, 2024.

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Rena Aliston


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